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Theodore:Art is pleased to present “Crosswalk,” an exhibition of new work by Peter Krashes, including gouache on paper paintings that are part of an ongoing body of work inspired by Krashes’ nearly two decades of mostly local activism. This is his third solo show with Theodore:Art.

The works in “Crosswalk” are derived from Krashes’ observations of activities in public events and settings. His work continues to explore visual evidence of physical separations in the urban landscape, social separations at public events, and the interactions of different types that function as bridges. The resulting paintings juxtapose empowerment with disempowerment, and uplift with loss and longing.

The imagery in Krashes’ work draws focus to the subtle gestures and actions that occur in the margins of larger events and settings. Cups of water are offered to participants at a march; an empty cup is abandoned at the top of a fence. A Poland Spring water bottle is shared over a French barricade; another bottle is held close behind layers of chain link; seed bombs, (a feature of Krashes’ work since 2010), sprout in an inaccessible lot full of rubble. The line between public and private is evoked as ambiguous and dynamic, and the personal interactions that are depicted are described as poignant and sometimes generous.

VIP Tent
VIP Tent
Gouache on paper
80 X 60 inches